Gabi Schaffner

Radio & Sound Art | Text | Performance

2004-07, -

I was often asked: What is the meaning of "Restkulturrecycling"?
For a start I offered a randomized choice of answers on our website. Dada de Nada was organized and curated by three individuals with interests in experimental forms of art and civilization. With: Mario Minelli and Birgit Helms, in 2007 also with Marco Kunz. First with a regular location, later nomadic.


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Dada de Nada
Dada de Nada
Dada de Nada
Dada de Nada

In its choice of performers Dada de Nada put a strong emphasis on self-taught artists. Curating was done on invitation without ever so much as looking at a portfolio. We were never disappointed. In 4 years we staged more than 90 shows, many of them fluxus-like, often poetic, some very loud, some culinary and/or transgressive.

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