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Journey of the Earthworm
Journey of the Earthworm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Journey of the Earthworm
Journey of the Earthworm
Journey of the Earthworm

The Journey of the Earthworm

Originally made for Show #592. Hosted by radio x, Frankfurt, Verena Kuni. The „Earthworm“ was featured within the frame of the Radiophrenia Festival in Glasgow.
Length: 27 min.

The earthworm travels on radio frequencies, earthy hacks and conglomerates of audio matter. S/he passes through mosquito clouds (yes, this earthworm can fly!), bird songs, thunderstorms, attends a Finnish summer theatre show, listens to a boy and his mother singing, visits the acoustic remnants of a German garden show, finds happiness in the ringing of porcelain bells and, finally, merges into silence and is gone.
Voices: Teuri Haarla, interview at Galerie Hilbertraum, 16th January 2016, Berlin, Germany; Unknown but stunningly convincing actors of a "kesäteatteri" 2010 in Mid Finland; Gibrain and Virpi Nurmi, Gießen, Germany, 2014.

For 2017, rumors go that the Earthworm will be also traveling to documenta14 public radio as part of a show curated by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington.

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