Gabi Schaffner

Radio & Sound Art | Text | Performance


Electric Fairy Grounds. Bogong Village. VIC, Australia. A topographic radio dreaming.
Installation for three transmitters and a radio play in three chapters in different locations. Phantasmagoria Sound Art Exhibition 2017. Curated by Madelynne Cornish and Phillip Samartzis.


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Electric Fairy Grounds
Electric Fairy Grounds
Electric Fairy Grounds

In November 2015 I started first interviews with former inhabitants of Bogong Village, among them Anita Martin who spent almost her entire childhood there. Further conversation partners were a former engineer as well as the current landscape gardener.

Together with the pupils of the Mt. Beauty Secondary School I will record a radio play that loosely relates to the memories of the then 10-year old Anita.

Old and new recordings are collaged on-site and combined into a story in three chapters. Each chapter is linked to a specific location (see map) sind. Total length of the story scape: 18-25 Minutes.

In collaboration with Radio Alpine the piece will also be broadcast on 92.5 FM. Installation for three Transmitters Camouflaged as bird houses three transmitter stations will be set up in Bogong. Reach will be 6-10 meters at least, but not more than 25. The broadcast is stored either on an MP3 player or on an SD card. The work can be listened to via mobile radios or smart phones (with FMreceivers). Three possible locations are Junction Dam, the old tennis court and the uncanny tree on the other lake side. Analogue to the ancient concept of the Dreaming, the multiple identities of Bogong become only accessible through taking a walk that bridges past and

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