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Stereo installation for two mono speakers in birdhouses.
"Song for Gretchen" was created within the frame of the Frankfurt "Osterspaziergang". Contrary to the wide reception of Goethe's famous "Easterwalk" poem, the attention is directed towards the biography of Susanna Margareta Brandt who was sentenced to death under the accusation of murdering her child.


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Song for Gretchen

Song for Gretchen (Lied für Gretchen)
Stereo installation for 2 birdhouses and speakers

16th of April found Faust’s poor Gretchen singing in the garden of the Willemer Häuschen in Frankfurt/Main: On occasion of Easter and Goethe’s famous “Easter Walk” poem, the curators Annette Gloser and Robert Bock invited 11 artists to create art works along a historical parcours passing by Frankfurt’s Goethian landmarks. In an adaption of an old German “kitchen song” the voices of Shanti Suki Osman and Ulrike Stoehring rang out from two birdboxes, each housing a different mono track for stereo listening.

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