Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance


Cut-up text, compositon, installation. Loop, 8 min.
Broadcast on deutschlandradio kultur 2014, Kurzstrecke 23. Speaker: Schaffner; Material: Islandic rainstorm, vintage radioplay HP Lovecraft, noise.


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Schiefe Türme
Schiefe Türme

"Lopsided Towers“ originates from my 2002 exhibition at the trottoir gallery in Hamburg titled "Anagrams of War". The text is a collage made from three sources: Two newspaper articles (amok shooting at German school/"white trash" boxing championship) and a poem by William Carlos Williams. In 2004 the text was transformed into an audio piece as part of an installation at gallery Heimspiel, Frankfurt/Main.