Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance


Installation for transmitter, poem spoken by synthetic voice and radio.
The radio is personalized as a female entity in communication with a listener. The poem draws on this volatile relationship on multiple levels: gender, linguistics, communication.


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I am this radio

People imagine many things. Ever thought how it is to be a radio? This one tells you how she feels. “I am this Radio” invites you into a relationship that is half spoken half dreamt. Between the words and waves there is a veil… of noise.

Imagine it like a curtain
in a house in the country
With nobody home
And the wind blowing…

Imagine a waterfall as if
Seen from behind.
And the green world
Shimmering, on the other side.

Or see it as the veil
Drawn over a painting.
Only to find it is the painting
That is the veil.

Listen on soundcloud: here.