Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance

2003 -

A ghost town in Texas becomes a space for cultural actvities
In 1991 the last inhabitants left, in 2001 three desert-loving people from Frankfurt bought the grounds and started the renovation work with likeminded artists and pionees. I am one of them. Actual number of inhabitants: 12.


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Lobo - Texas
Lobo - Texas
Lobo - Texas
Lobo - Texas

The town of Lobo: 9 houses, a town hall, a motel with swimming pool, a well. We are situated 120 miles from El Paso. For the past 3 years the Desert Dust Cinema festival has been staged there: „All screenings of the Desert Dust Cinema take place in the area of the former Lobo gas station. Depending on the weather it will be either open air or indoors. Please bring your own chairs.“
Artistic Desert Practices: Ode to Dust (2003), performance (broadcast by Tom Michaels/CRTM Marfa); Lost star: Poetry Reading (2004). Lone Homes/Outsiders: Photography, (2006). The piece „Road to Airport“ was featured in Planket’s 2011 exhibition „The Invisible“, Berlin/Stockholm.