I work as an interdisciplinary traveling artist and curator within the fields of sound art, radio and visionary documentation. Central to my activities are communication, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing.
My approach is owed to ethnographic practice: Taking notes, academic research, assembling talks and interviews, documentation in photography and audio recordings. Writing and speaking form another integral part of my work with an emphasis on experimental narrative structures and alternative modes of knowledge distribution: cut-up collages, magic realism, performance lectures, radio shows. For a number of projects I use alter egos, e.g. the personage of a musical anthropologist. The aim of my work lies in creating fields and atmospheres that allow a re-evaluation of such terms like „the own“ and „the other“. For the same reason I am interested in concepts of visual and acoustic „grammars“ and their interplay.
In 2012 I co-founded Datscha Radio, a temporary mobile radio station that focuses on sound art related to “gardening” in its widest sense. Ethnographic fieldwork is combined with poetics, community work, experiment and transmission.
Since 2015, Datscha Radio is organized by myself in changing collaborations and in different countries. Parallel to this increasing involvement in the radio art scene my artistic practice expanded to include topographic radio walks, community based performances and improvised live radio. Almost all works are geographically anchored and make use of the local sounds and voices.