Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance

2002 resource

A phenomenological approach to imaginative concepts of landscape.
120 pages. Blauflug/galgenm├Ądchen, Hamburg 2002. Includes 4 plates of Mongolian ant hills and the "Fragmented Map". Prize of the Karl Ditze Foundation, 2001. Part of the contents keep resurfacing in lectures, readings and photographic series.


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Phänomene der Inneren Topografie
Phänomene der Inneren Topografie
Phänomene der Inneren Topografie

Phenomena of Inner Topographies explores the realms of real and fictional landscapes by means of essays, quotes, lost and found imagery, maps and contributions of supporting artists. The entries are ordered alphabetically, interspersed with links to redirect the readers attention at crucial "landmarks". The greatest part of the content was written by myself, partly assembling prose works from recent years.