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A five-day festival celebrates the future(s) of the garden.
In August 2017 Datscha Radio broadcast again from my allotment garden in Berlin Rosenthal-Pankow, with the joint support of Freies Radio Berlin and more than 50 actively contributing artists and guests.
Datscha Radio 17 was realised by: Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Makita, Helen Thein, Suki Shanti Osman and Verena Kuni.


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Datscha Radio 17 – Plots & Prophecies
Datscha Radio 17 – Plots & Prophecies

With “Plots and Prophecies – Parzellenprognosen” Datscha Radio 17 created an interdisdiplinary program broadcast 24/5 from the 25th – 29th August 2018 – on stream, via micro-FM and on selected days on 88.4 (90.7 in Potsdam). Aligned with the length of the festival, the radio makers, artists and guests focused on five subject areas:

  • Hortus Politicus - The Political Garden
  • Symbioses - Plants, Fish and the Acoustic BBQ
  • Biotopes in Future Perfect – Life After the Abolition of Species
  • Birds and Bees – Urban Gardening and Music For The Animals
  • Subterranean Meditations – The Imaginary Garde

The process of radio making – otherwise quite a hidden event – became transparent in the Datscha’s winter garden and outside studio transforming the privacy of the garden into a public space for art and communication. Datscha Radio 17 was supported by the Pankow Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur and the Hans and Charlotte Krull Foundation. The format "Midday Discussion" was developed in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin. Streaming support came from Udo Noll,

Complete documentation available here.

Press articles can be viewed here.