Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance


A topographic radio walk in three chapters.Analogue to the ancient concept of a Dreaming, the multiple identities of Bogong become only accessible through taking a walk that bridges past and present. Commissioned by Phantasmagoria , a sound art exhibition organized by the Bogong Centre of Sound Culture, Australia. Curation: Madelynne Cornish, Philipp Samartzis.


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Electric Fairy Grounds
Electric Fairy Grounds

In November 2015 I started first interviews with former inhabitants of Bogong Village, among them Anita Martin who spent almost her entire childhood there. Further conversation partners were a former engineer and the current landscape gardener.

Linked to this material, a radio play was written and recorded which loosely relates to the memories of the then 10-year old Anita.
Old and new recordings were collaged on-site and combined into a story of three chapters. Each chapter refers to a specific location in Bogong. Total length of the play: 18-25 Minutes.
Camouflaged as bird houses three transmitter stations were set up around Lake Guy, each to broadcast a single chapter. The work could only be listened to by walking around the lake and up to Junction Dam with a mobile radio.
Electric Fairy Grounds was also broadcast by Radio Alpine, Mt. Beauty.