Gabi Schaffner
Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance


4 compositions, each looped at one of the four „stations“ along a train platform. 64 loud speakers, 4 CD players. Total length: 39:20 min. Performance with Ansgar Wilken, 20 min
Curated by Marion Bösen, Galerie Herold/Ludwig Seyfarth, Kunstfrühling Bremen.


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Music4Trains is dedicated to the world of travelers. Field recordings, net samples and editings of classical train music are layered into soundscapes that combine different locations. The performance Bremen Pacific Hybrid comprises an appearance of the artist with case, an acoustic background track and a live improvisation on cello by the musician Ansgar Wilken. As a musical collage, "Bremen Pacific Hybrid" uses Arthur Honnegger's classic "Pacific 321", the telephone conversation of an Arab girl, as well as other sound bites from German and international train stations. Performance: 20 min. Vinyl Edition: 6 dub plates, 39:36 min; silk screen printed cover.

Photos: Jens Weyers, Bremen

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