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Into the Universe of Finnish Motor Music. From the Archives of Martti Mauri 1935-2003.
Biography project and series of compositions/radio play, 40 min./55 min. HR2 Kultur 2012. Award "Hörspiel des Monats", August 2012 by the Akademie der Darstellenden Künste.
Text, photography, design, compositions: Schaffner. Contributing composers: Martin Moritz, Dirk Hülstrunk, Ovro, Michaela Schimun, Jani Purhonen, Op:l Bastards, Pink Twins. Broadcast on all major German speaking radio stations, including Swiss and Austria.


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Otto Mötö.
Otto Mötö.

Research for the project started in 2009 during my HIAP residency in Helsinki with first recordings of lawnmowers and a tractor championship in Finland. In 2011, with the support of the Kone Foundation, a series of compositions and text evolved, all focused on the life and work of the avant-garde composer Mauri. Apart from contemporary issues like "women composers in electronic music (most of Mauri's colleagues were women)", the decline of combustion engines and non-authorship, I was interested in the "making of a myth" i.e. the linguistics and style of a celebrity report. The initial impulse for Mauri's bio is owed to Martin Moritz, who also composed the title track.

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