Gabi Schaffner ‘s works in the field of sound art and radio art have been broadcast internationally, including commissions by Deutschlandradio Kultur, SWR, Radiophrenia, ABC Australia, and many more. Besides radio, she has realized site-specific projects and exhibitions in India, Australia, Iceland, Spain, Finland, and France. She lives in Berlin.

Current vinyl:
“Duftgesänge”. Dubplate vinyl artist’s edition. With Hans Kellett.
Number of copies: 20. Price: 80 Euro

2024ON AIR ON SITE. Festival participation. Den Haag, 24-26 May

Upcoming: Radio Journey to Armenia
2023Harakka Island Radio. Helsinki
2022Datscha Radio “Air on Air”. Art Ii Biennial, Finland. With Tina-Marie Friedrich

Mustarinda Residency, Finland
RadioLab artist at Seanaps Festival, Leipzig
2021Atelier stipend Tor 26, Bremen
2020Commissioned work for Radiophrenia Glasgow
Research Stipend sound art, Berlin Senate
Datscha Radio – Radiophonien des Alls. Berlin. With: Kate Donovan, Helen Thein, Niki Matita, Tina-Marie Friedrich
Stipend and residency KV Global Forest, St. Georgen, Black Forest
2019PhD candidate at Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
Night Gardening. A 3part series of nocturnal radio art events in different Berlin Gardens. With: Kate Donovan, Helen Thein, Niki Matita
Datscha Radio Taipei. Treasure Hill Artist Village. Supported by the Goethe Institut Taipei
2018Unearthing the Archive (Datscha Radio). Radio Art exhibition. RAUMOHNERAUM #3. Kunstpunkt Berlin. With Kate Donovan, Helen Thein, et al
2018Un Jardín en el Aire. Datscha Radio Madrid in cooperation with Medialab Prado
2017Plots & Prophecies. Radiogardening in the Anthropocene. A five-day festival of radio art and performance broadcast straight from a Berlin garden. With: Kate Donovan, Verena Kuni, Helen Thein, Niki Matita, et al.
2016Radio Revolten diarist. Commissions by deutschlandfunk, and other international broadcasting companies
2015 Co-productions with ABC Australia
2014100 Days of Datscha Radio, ethnographic radio research in Giessen – Hessia
2013 – todayLectureship “Musik und Text,” School for Music and New Media, Duesseldorf
2012Co-Founding of Datscha Radio. 8 Days of Summer Garden Radio. With Pit Schultz –, and Verena Kuni
Lectureship Audio Art at the Art School of Helsinki
2004-2007Dada de Nada, Hamburg.
Experimental platform for music, literature and film
2003-23Inhabitant of Lobo, a ghost town project in the highlands of Texas/USA
2001MFA visual communication (hon.)
1997 – Work as a storyteller
1994Studies of photography at the Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste. Hamburg
1993MA. German and American literature, and ethnology
1990Studies at Vienna Poetry Academy. Courses with Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman
1985-1993Studies in German and American Literature and Ethnology. Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main

Grants / Awards

2021Serlachius residency. Mänttä, Finland (Jan-Feb)
Research Grant Sound Art. Berliner Senat
2020Grant and long-term residency, Global Forest e. V., St. Georgen/Black Forest, Germany
2019Award of the Free Project Spaces and Initiatives Berlin for Datscha Radio (collectively with Kate Donovan, Xenia Helms, and Helen Thein)
Treasure Hill Artist Residency Taipei, Taiwan. Supported by Goethe Institut Taipei
2018Medialab Production Residency 2018, Madrid
2016Honorable Mention Phonurgia Nova Field Recording Award for “Hidden Places” – Narrated landscapes in Iceland and Australia”, DLF 2016
2015Artist in Residence. Fljótstunga, Iceland
Residency Bogong Center for Sound Cultures, Australia.
2014Art Prize and Work Scholarship for 100 Day of Datscha Radio, Giessen. Ethnography meets radio on the lawns of a national garden show
20132nd  prize at Berliner Hörspielfestival for the radio play “Der Wahnsinn des Dokumentaristen [The Madness of the Documentarist]”, Berlin
2012Award “Hörspiel des Monats”, German Academy of Performing Arts for “Otto Mötö” – Into the Universe of Finnish Motor Music”
2011Work Scholarship (Saari/Turku) Kone Foundation, Helsinki
radia artist of the year (for #309 show)
2009HIAP Helsinki. Artis in Residence. AIR Frankfurt/HIAP Helsinki.
2005 Work Scholarship Kunstraum Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim/Hessia
2002 DAAD Travel Scholarship, Iceland
2001Prize and Project Grant by the Karl-Ditze-Foundation, Hamburg for “Phenomena of Inner Topographies”, an encyclopedia of imaginary landscapes
2000 Work Scholarship and Moldau Literature Grant, Krumau/Tschechien, both: Ministry for Sciences and Arts, Wiesbaden

Shows and Performances
[S solo; G group; R radio; T team]

2022{A Wave Novel} Radio art composition for 22 hours., Esch-sur-Alzette, LUX [G]
2021Tor 40. Exhibition, vinyl, and performance. With Anya Triestram, APL 315
2020Rapid(s)Trains. Four geolocated trainscapes. Composed for “Sleepertown”, Open Gorey, Wexford, Ireland. Curated by Richard Carr. Opening: National Culture Night Ireland, September 18 [G]
Mauricio Pucci’s Sneeze Symphonies. Tour.
Hilbertraum Berlin. July 11. JUNGE UNRAST. Painting and sculpture. 3 – 12 July [G] ; Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt /Main SEANCE FICTION, 4. Okt. ; KV Global Forest, St. Georgen Schwarzwald, 10. Okt.
Datscha Radio – ein Radiogarten. Sound collage. Ö1 Kunstradio [R]
The Dog that Licked up a Star; The Journey of the Earthworm; Night of the Nightingales (with Kate Donovan). Borealis Festival for Experimental Music, Norway. [G]
2019NEW PANDEMIC MUSIC. Mauricio Pucci’s Sneeze Symphonies. Performance. Ausland Berlin. October 4. [S]
Die kleinere Verpuffung [A smaller deflagration]. Artist’s Corner #38. Sound art production for Hessian Cultural Radio (HR2). [R]
Radio Seed Bombs. Intervention (September 13) and audio art loop. With Kate Donovan, Helen Thein, Niki Matita. [T]
Nightshade Island / Institute of Traffic Island Research. Speculative Audiowalk at Moritzplatz Berlin. TRACKS IN A BOX, 6.-26. September. Curated by Yael Sherill and Lianne Mol [G]
Datscha Radio Taipei. Radio station/Participative event. Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan. Six shows, organized in collaboration with Gabriele de Seta and the THAV office. Januaray-March. [S]
2018Datscha Radio Madrid. Radio station/Participative event. Medialab Prado/In-Sonora, Madrid. 23th March. [T]
Los Parques (Twittering Presences)|Adopta una Planta. Sound performance/Participative event. Medialab Prado, Madrid. 17th March. [S]
Resounding Bangalore Pilot Sound installation/performance. Titanik Gallery, Finland. Hosted by the Kone Foundation Saari. 13th February [S]
2017 Fazoletto per un Eternitá (Handkerchief for an Eternity). Commission deutschlandfunk kultur. Biography and sneeze music composition for the ArsAcousticaGroup project “Tracing Pjotr Zak”. DLF 1. December 2017 [R]
Dark Net Spiders Anagram Performance, Elektria, Hamburg [G]
2016Matt Hatter’s Garden. Sound installation. Radiorevolten, Halle [G]
I am this Radio. Radio art installation. Galerie Herold, Bremen. Curated by Marion Bösen [G]
2015Sometimes I think I can see you. Text performance. Within the frame of Mariano Pensotti’s contribution to “, curated by Akira Takayama [G]
2014Music4Trains/The Fado Hour. Performance, text, and intervention; freight train station Bremen. With Ansgar Wilken/Cello. Kunstfrühling Bremen [S]
Westinghouse! Sound Art composition. For “Alle Toten 2014”, Volksbühne Berlin. [G/R]
100 Days of Datscharadio. Research, intervention, and exhibition. State Garden Show, Giessen [T/R]
2013Karaoken Satumaa [Dreamland of Karaoke]. Video, reading, and performance. Bookfair Special, Frankfurt am Main[T/R]
2012Music for Bathrooms and Toilets. Sound art installation. Lueften Festival, commissioned by Mousonturm Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main.[G]
Datscha Radio 8 Days of Summer Garden Radio. With Pit Schultz, in cooperation with Berlin [T]
2011Road to Airport. Planket 2011: The Invisible. Curated by Hannah Goldstein. Stockholm/Berlin [G]
2009Death of a Mäyräkoira. HIAP, Cable Factory, Helsinki.[S]
2008Die Innenseite der Außenseiter II, allgirls berlin international (with Mathias Deutsch), Berlin [S]
2007Itse Tehty Elämä/Self-made Life. Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. Galerie Station (with Erkki Pirtola). Curated by Annette Gloser. Frankfurt/Main [S]
Sedna’s Tale. Reenacted storytelling, video, and drawings. Palais für aktuelle Kunst, Glückstadt. [G]
2006Die Innenseite der Außenseiter I. Elektrohaus, Hamburg. [S]
2005Déjà-Vues und Audiografien. Kunstraum Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim [S]
2004Phänomene der inneren Topografie/Wer sich beeilt, friert. Kunstnacht Friedrichshafen; Curated by Ulrike Shephart, Friedrichshafen [S]
2002Anagrams of War. Galerie Trottoir, Hamburg[S]


2024Fliegenfänger. Essay on Fly Ribbons. In: Fliegenfänger und Katzenklappe. 39 KLeinigkeiten zwischen den Arten. Ed. Thomas Pütz, Verena Kuni, et al. Wallstein Verlag.
2023Page illustrations. In: Radio Art Zone. Ed. Sarah Washington. Hatje und Cantz.
2019Radio Revolten Diary. In: Radio Revolten – 30 Days of Radio Art.
Knut Aufermann, Helen Hahmann, Sarah Washington, Ralf Wendt (Ed.); Marcus-Andreas Mohr (Photography)
Spector Books 2019
2018Plots & Prophecies – Parzellenprognosen. Broadcasting the garden in the anthropocene. Ed./au. Documentation. Datscha Radio 2017.
2016Radiorevolten Diary. Halle. Ed. Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Anna Friz.
2015 Der dritte Raum /The Third Space. In: Spiegel; Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Mathias Völcker.
2013-17Otto Mötö. Into the Universe of Finnish Motor Music. From the Archives of Martti Mauri. Biography, LP. (In preparation)
2012 Datscha Radio. 8 Days of Summer Garden Radio.Berlin.
2011Die seltsamen Visionen der Frau Nichtleicht [The Strange Visions of Ms. Difficult]. In: Horror Vacui. Ed. Romeo Grünfelder. Trespassing. In: Nathalie Grenzhaueser, Trespassing. Verlag für Kunst, 2011
Trash & Beauty. Exhibition Catalogue. 32 pages. Photography and CD. Gießen.
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2005A bird a ghost a machine. Essay. In: Gruenrekorder Audio Art Compilation #2 (CD), Frankfurt /M
Narzissen, 4 Recitals. textem verlag. Hamburg
Finnish Snow-Walks & Dances (LP). Gruenrekorder, Frankfurt/Main
2004Schiefe Türme/La Defence. In: Die Große Arche. Exhibition catalogue Nathalie Granzhaueser. Forum 1922. Frankfurt/Main
2001Phänomene der inneren Topografie. [An encyclopedia of imaginary topographies] Edition galgenmaedchen. Blauflug Verlag, Hamburg

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