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Halffloor presents: Piece of Turf after Dürer

Pleased to contribute to HALFFLOOR‘s #103 episode of sound art and start their SEASON SIX with the summerly Piece of Turf No.10:

“It’s that time of the every other week again, and this one is just a bit more special than usual (as if that were even possible, we know). Today is namely the start of SEASON SIX of Halffloor!

Today’s contribution comes from Germany, where our friend Gabi Schaffner has sent us 60 seconds titled ”Rasenstücke aka Rasenmähersymphonien”, inspired to an almost frightening extent by Albrecht Dürer’s drawing with almost the same title.”

crew: Marie Gavois+George Kentros+Susanne Skog+Michel Klöfkornhttps://www.halffloor.com/