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Fazzoletto/Not Just A Fair

Latest news: The Fazzoletto album ‘Handkerchief for an Eternity’ will soon be traveling to Arnhem as I have been invited to perform at the collective’s come-together This Is Not A Fair on the 8th of April, 5 pm. This is what it is about… and I am chilled to arrive there đŸ™‚

As for the selected works, we see them as a starting point for echoes and conversations that will bridge connections for people who are working on publishing practices. Publishing and printing are not solitary endeavors; they require collaboration and collectivity.

This is Not A Fair
7-9th April
Location: @platform_post
Platform for comtemporary art,
Arnhem Driekoningenstraat 16, Arnhem
Graphic design: @baboonboom
The event is hosted by Not Just a Collective

Not Just a Collective consists of a group of multidisciplinary artists, researchers and designers who share a common desire to discuss artistic progress and create a space for emerging international artists. To work on a supporting framework together, Not Just a Collective set out to host a series of art and cultural activities contributing to multi-disciplinary practices in art ecology. Moreover, it is not only a collective, in conventional perception, but also a community aiming to breed new initiatives and foster cultural participation by facilitating accessibility.