Datscha Radio

Datscha Radio is a mobile, site-responsive transmission project maintained and organized by Gabi Schaffner in collaboration with local and digital networks of sound (and radio) artists, gardeners, scientists and DIY people. Datscha Radio uses “the garden” and the practice of radio both as metaphor and method to organize and share knowledge and (cultural) concepts of growth.

When not actively on air Datscha Radio is continuously maintained as a blog and archive for documenting on the ecological/garden-related topics encountered by the artist in the pursuit of her work.

Datscha Radio’s unique combination of discourse, artistic practice, event and (partly nomadic) radio making creates a platform for sharing and communication that facilitates not only my own work but also the work of other artists and radio makers. Founded in cooperation with Pit Schultz/reboot.fm, 2012.

For full documentation, go to datscharadio.de

Radio & Sound Art | Poetics | Performance